Rivers Casino Hails Sportsbooks a Success

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The first home game for the Pittsburgh Steelers in which people could place a bet in person at the Rivers Casino was played out a few hours ago, and the new sportsbook facility at that casino was packed with customers very eager to get their bets placed.

Not only could gamblers place their bets, but if they managed to get there early enough they were able to secure a seat and also watch that game being played out on the huge TV screens dotted around the sportsbook.

It may not, however, have been a profitable day for the sportsbook, as the Steelers did win that match with a score line of 10-17 against the New England Patriots, and the cheers around the sportsbook area of the Rivers Casino did give an indication that plenty of gamblers did win!

This new legal land based sports betting era is being replicated in many other U.S. States too, as many have embraced sports betting and a huge number of casinos across the U.S. are now offering a wide and very diverse range of sports betting opportunities.

Many commentators in the world of sports betting are saying that the days of online sportsbooks located in places such as Costa Rica are numbered, for with sports fans now able to bet in person with cash, rather than try and find a work around for sending their stakes into online sportsbooks, there is no need for them to now do so.

As long as those newly opened sportsbooks manage to keep their customers happy with comps, fair money line odds and, of course, plenty of free drinks, then there is no reason to suspect people are ever going to want to turn to online sports betting sites again.

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