Sands Millionaire Progressive jackpot won at the Venetian

man celebrating

Everybody does, of course, visit Las Vegas with one thing in mind, and that is to hopefully win a huge progressive jackpot the size of which is going to set them up for life.

However, most players come away from Sin City leaving behind their bankroll, but that wasn’t the case a few days ago, for one individual playing the Caribbean Stud card game over at the Venetian Casino and Hotel managed to win its rather illusive progressive jackpot.

That lucky player was Kevin Ripski who had made a gambling pilgrimage from Ontario in Canada and decided he would try his luck on that popular card game, which boasts a special side bet on which players have a chance, albeit a tiny chance, of bagging a progressive jackpot.

To cut a long story short, on one of the hands he did play off he was dealt out a Royal Flushand that marked the arrival of his huge pay day.

The value of the jackpot he won was a mind blowing $1,114,079, but what makes his playing strategy unique is that he always plays off his hand blind, so he never knows just what hand he is holding until the dealer flips over his cards.

He must have been sat there is disbelief as the dealer flipped over his hand to reveal a Royal Flush, and he is the first player to have won that progressive jackpot at the Venetian which is bound to become his favourite casino now.

The side bet does however cost some $5 to play, but as proven by Kevin it was certainly a price worth paying, the jackpot for reference has now been reset to its seed value of $1million and is slowing increasing in value once again.

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