Savvy Slot Players Play with Higher Denomination Coin Settings

High Denomination Slots

It is no secret that land based, mobile and online casinos make the highest percentage of their income from slot machines, and as such players do need to keep their wits about them when playing any type of slot machine, for it they don’t they could spend a small fortune on them.

However, there are several things that slot players need to be aware of that will give them a much greater chance of getting more play time for their money, and also help them increase their chances of actually winning when playing any slot machines that catch their eye.

The first thing that is going to determine just what slot machines and slot games you should be playing are the actual long term pay-out percentages that every single slot machine will have been set to return to players, over the long term.

Land based casinos tend not to make known the pay-out percentages on offer on each of their slot machines. However, many gambling commissions and gaming authorities force their license holders to list on their websites, or on the pay tables or help files of each slot machine they have available at their respective sites, the pay-out percentage that each slot machine has been set to return.

So looking up the pay-out percentages when playing slot machines online is relatively easy, but not so for land based slot players.

However, there is one sure-fire way that you are always going to ensure that you are getting the very highest long term expected pay-out percentage on any slot machines you play in land based casinos, and that is by you playing the slots with the highest denomination you can afford to play for.

If you are a penny slot player then consider playing slots which have 0.05, 0.01 or even 0.25 cent coin denominations, but for example when playing optional pay lines slots, activate a smaller number of lines per spin to make them affordable to play, for by doing so you will be playing slots that have much higher RTP’s than you ever would when playing penny slots!

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