Slot Machines Could Soon be Fitted with Calorie Labels!

Slot Machine Calorie Labels

Now here is an idea to get your heard around, what if slot machines were fitted with a similar type of label as most food items are?

But instead of them giving you an insight into how much, as is the case in regards to foodstuffs, protein, carbohydrates and calories are in each of them they gave you an insight into the way each slot machine has been designed.

The idea is not as farfetched as it may actually sound, for over at the Grand River Raceway in Elora, Harrigan some 250 slot machines have been fitted with such a label, on which players get access to lots of valuable information about each slot.

That trial proved quite successful, with many slot players deeming those labels to be helpful in at the very least pointing them in the right direction of just which slot machines they may enjoy playing.

The information provided on those labels included the volatility of each slot machine, that being whether a slot has been designed to award lots of smaller valued winning pay-outs, or has been designed to award fewer smaller pay-outs but give players the chance of winning some much higher valued ones instead.

Some other valuable facts and figures displayed on those labels included the chances of actually hitting a slot machines bonus game, and also the actual long term expected pay-out that each slot machine has been set to return to players.

However, this type of information has long been available to online players but it is about time that it was made available to land based slot players too, for they have been kept in the dark for way too long on important and vital snippets of information such as the RTP’s of each slot.

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