Slot Tournaments as Popular as Ever in Vegas

Slot Tournaments

If there’s one thing that is going to get land based slot tournaments players excited, it is being invited to an exclusive slot tournament in places such as Las Vegas. For having been invited to more of them that I can care to remember, I always have one eye on the cash prizes, which all slot players who have been invited to take part in a slot tournament will have too.

There is no special art to winning in any slot tournament you have been invited to take part in, for all you are tasked with doing is trying to play off as many spins as you can do in your allocated time, and hope that as many of those spins are winning ones.

It is the players that achieve the most points when playing in a slot tournament that pick up the cash prizes on offer, and it is by spinning in winning combinations or triggering bonus games that those points are awarded.

However, keep in mind that casinos, such as the New York New York Casino, will often invite new members of their players card program to take part in a slot tournament, and it can be beneficial to take them up on that offer, as often there will not be many other players taking part in them which gives you a good chance of bagging some prizes.

The Stratosphere Ace Play players club is another one that does offer slot tournaments, however it will be by you earning a top tier players card status that will then see your casino host inviting you to a one or two day slot tournament where cash and slot play prizes are up for grabs. So if you are very out and about near the Stratosphere then you need to join their players club for sure!

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