Spanish Blackjack is a Game worth Playing


As soon as any Blackjack player decides to switch their land based Blackjack playing action over to playing online, they are going to be faced with a huge number of different variants dependent on just which casino sites they choose to play at.

One company that supplies the gaming software and suite of games to a huge number of online casino sites is Microgaming, and in amongst their dozens of different Blackjack game variants they have a variant known as Spanish Blackjack.

That game is one players often quickly warm too, due to the fact that there are a range of bonus payouts on offer, but all of them are awarded without the need for players to have to place any type of side bet to qualify for those bonus winning payouts.

The base game is one on which the deal must hit on a soft 17 and a players Blackjack will beat a dealers Blackjack hand, and late surrender is also available.

However, the bonus payouts are what players enjoy about this game and they include payouts of 3:2, 2:1 and 3:1 when a player receives any 5, 6 or 7 card or more twenty one valued hands respectively.

The maximum bonus payout is a hefty 50:1 which is awarded when a player is dealt out a suited 7-7-7 hand and the dealer is showing as his face up card a 7 valued card, too.

There are several additional bonus payouts but they are not awarded to players after they have split a hand. As for just how attractive Spanish Blackjack is to play online, well when playing Microgaming’s variant and using the best strategy for that game players can expect to be playing against a variant that boasts a house edge of some 0.38%.

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