Spiegel’s back as Wynn’s Vegas Luxury Resort and Casino President

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This year proved a year of change for Wynn’s luxury resorts and casino Las Vegas operation and 2019 will begin in the same manner with a new president.

Wooden Out – Spiegel In:

Marilyn Spiegel will replace Maurice Wooden who’s been President at Wynn’s Las Vegas strip location for nearly five years. Although Spiegel, who officially takes over as President on the 2nd January 2019, isn’t a new face for the company as she held the post for three years before Wooden’s arrival.

Spiegel a Perfect Fit:

Matt Maddox, Wynn’s CEO is pleased Spiegel’s bringing her leadership talents back to Wynn Vegas and Encore. He knows that Wynn’s built their reputation based on providing guests with the ultimate resort and casino experience and appreciates the significant role that Spiegel played in building that. She helped establish that brand and she also brings a wealth of human resource experience to the table. Maddox feels she’s the exact fit to drive the company forward.

Wealth of Caesars Knowledge:

Spiegel has a great deal of Caesars Entertainment experience under her belt and has spent time as president in five of Caesars Las Vegas entertainment operations. After her first term as Wynn’s Las Vegas President, she returned to Caesars where she took a seat on Caesars entertainment board of directors. Also on her resume, she includes Harrah’s Entertainment where, from 1999 to 2003, she took charge of human resources as Corporate Senior Vice President.

2018 High Profile Changes:

Earlier high profile changes in 2018 included Steve Wynn back in February. Maddox replaced Wynn as CEO after Wynn became involved in a sexual harassment allegation which he fervently denies. In July Ellen Whittemore took her position as Executive Vice President and General Counsel from Kim Sinatra. Rose Huddleston, after 18 years with Ritz-Carlton/Marriott international, moved into a new slot as Senior Vice President of Human Resources.

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