Sportsbook Vote for Presque Isle Downs Casino Today

Man putting a ballot into a voting box - USA

Today is the day when the Presque Isle Downs Casino should finally discover whether they are to be allowed to open a sportsbook in their property, for there is a vote being held by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board as to whether their application to do so has been successful or not.

Everything considered through, there is very little doubt in anybody’s mind that they will be granted permission to open a sportsbook facility in their casino, for the board have granted such permissions recently to other casino operators.

That casino did though, recently change hands and is now in the ownership of Churchill Downs. The deal which cost that company some $179 million was only finalised this month.

One thing that will be certain if the approval is forthcoming later today is that the company will not delay the opening of such a venue, for with figures for sports betting huge in all states across the USA that have recently legalised it, there is a massive marketplace out there for any casinos that do offer a sportsbook.

There is however, a price to pay for applying for such a license and that is a fee payable to the Gaming Control Board of a whopping $10million, but in the grander scheme of things that is a small price to pay and one any sportsbook operator should soon be able to recoup.

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