Sportsbooks Help Mississippi Casino Revenue Increase

waving flag of Mississippi

It was back in August of last year when sports betting finally became legal in the state of Mississippi. This change in the law saw many of the casinos based there quickly opening their own sportsbooks to take advantage of this new revenue stream.

It has just been reported that casino revenue increased in 2018 in Mississippi, and it was, of course, due to the legalization and implementation of sports betting in those casinos.

The increase in revenue was some 1.7%, and whilst on the face of it that may seem like nothing to get overly excited about, in monetary terms that equates to an increase of some $44million.

One of the best months for those Mississippi casinos in 2018 was December, which saw a huge increase in year on year revenue that being some 5%.

As for the actual amount those casinos generated from their sportsbooks collectively, that amounted to some $15million, which is a huge amount of extra cash for the casino operators and thanks only to those recent change in the sports betting laws.

The state of Mississippi will directly benefit from that additional betting related income, for the tax revenue the state will earn is 8% of the sports betting income and the local government will also earn some 4% of that, too.

All in all, across the U.S it does appear that the legalizing of sports betting has proven to be a sure-fire winner for the casino operators and will continue to be so for the years ahead.

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