Tara Reid Upset about the Sharknado Slot Machine

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Having made a name for herself in many blockbuster films such as American Pie, The Big Lebowski and much more recently Sharknado, Tara Reid is probably an actress you will have heard of and seen plying her trade on the big screen before.

In fact, if you are an avid slot machine player, then you will have no doubt have seen her image attached to the reels of the Sharknado slot game, for PariPlay secured the rights and licensing to bring out a fully themed Sharknado slot not that long ago.

There are of course plenty of slot machines available these days which are themed around celebrities, pop and rock bands and TV shows and films. However, Tara it would appear is somewhat upset about her image being used on those Sharknado slot machines.

So much so that she has just filed a lawsuit against the producers of the film, accusing them of using her image without her permission and also for breach of contract too.

She is claiming a whopping $100million in damages as she states her contract specifically stated that her image could not be used regarding any type of promotional material that was in any way connected to tobacco, gambling, hygiene or even on any type of sexual products.

It is both SYFY Media Productions and Asylum Entertainment she is suing on the grounds of misappropriation of celebrity likeness and false endorsement, and whether she wins that court case or not remains to be seen, however she may have a case if her contract did state her image could not be used on gambling products, for that exactly what a slot machine is!

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