Taxman Seizes Poker Players Tournament Winnings

Two things are of course guaranteed in life, and they are death and taxes, and when you owe the taxman any amount of cash you can bet your bottom dollar, they will chase you for those debts for ever and eternity!

Well, that is something that one quite successful poker player has just found out to his cost, for having been part of a gang of fraudsters that has scammed the UK taxman out of £40million, Adam Lulat was convicted of his membership of that gang and was jailed for 28 months.

Now the UK judicial system has in place a scheme whereby the assets of convicted criminals can be seized to pay back the victims of any crimes, but when convicted Lulat didn’t have any assets so was ordered to pay back a nominal £1.

However, he has something of a passion for playing poker, and he went on to win many poker tournaments which the UK Tax service, known as HMRC found out about, and as such they quickly acted to seize those poker tournament winnings.

Last year they seized over £68,000 in poker winnings from him, however, last month they discovered that he had won again in another poker tournament and have set about seizing from him another £32,000+ in winnings.

Now he has two options regarding paying back those winnings, he can pay them to the HMRC in full and face no further action, or he can refuse to pay and in which case he will be forced to serve an additional 18 months in prison.

Whether he does pay back his winnings to the taxman or not is his decision to make, but in future he may be best advised to either stop playing poker or play somewhere he isn’t known and certainly well away from the ever prying eyes of the UK taxman.

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