The Buffalo Slot Celebrating 10 Years of Slot Spinning Action

Buffalo Slot 10 Years Old

It is quite unusual for a slot machine to have a lifespan of more than just a couple of years at most, for with brand new slot machines being launched week in and week out, it does take a very special slot to keep the players lining up and coming back for more.

One slot that is still around and found in quite large numbers on many a casinos gaming floor is the Buffalo slot, which was an instant hit with players when it launched back in 2008, and it is still going strong to this day.

This month marks ten years since the Buffalo slot first made an appearance on casino gaming floors across the globe, and whilst the original slot is as popular with players as it has always been, there have been many newer and updated versions of it being launched.

Probably the one feature, in regards to the design of the entire suite and series of Buffalo slots from Aristocrat that ensures their ongoing popularity, is that they are all designed as high variance slots, and as such players have the chance of winning, quite out of the blue, a huge winning pay-out, often thanks to the wild multiplier symbols and buffalo symbols all spinning in together via the free spins bonus game.

It is no secret that Aristocrat are going to continue launching even more new variants of the Buffalo slot, from time to time in the future, but in many slot players opinions it is and always will be the original version of that slot that was the best one.

If you haven’t, for one reason or another, played the Buffalo slot, then it really is about time you tracked it down and gave it some play time, as you will soon see for yourself why that slot is celebrating 10 years of being one of the most played slots.

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