The LINQ Casino Las Vegas Opens The Book Sportsbook

New The Book Sportsbook The Linq

Casinos in Las Vegas that have a sportsbook available inside them are certainly not in short supply. However, with casinos in many other US States now being legally able to operate sportsbooks inside their respective properties, there is a something of a battle going on to attract plenty of sports bettors to each of them.

It does often take something special for a sports bettor to try out a new sportsbook and one at a property they have never visited before. LINQ casino in Vegas has just completely remodelled their sportsbook offering, and have just opened their brand new The Book sportsbook, in this vein.

They have chosen to give their sports bettors a brand new type of betting experience and one the owners of the casino describe as a fully immersive and much more social sports betting experience.

Walking into The Book you will not fail to notice the 87 huge screens that are spread all over the walls of the sportsbook, some of which are 98 inches in size. They have spared no expense in regards to their video wall, which they boast is the highest resolution video screen in Las Vegas.

They also offer fan caves which are available to rent and will allow you and any number of friends to bet, and sit back and watch any major sporting events in your own private space complete with x-boxes and even virtual reality headsets and food and beverages laid on too within each of them.

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