The New Retro Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot


If you are of a certain age, you may remember the Street Fighter II video game, it was popular a few decades back, and at the time took the gaming world by storm.

Every amusement arcade would have at least one of those machines, most several of them, and there would also be a queue of people more than willing to give it a try.

Whilst it probably wouldn’t appeal to the next generation of video players, it is certainly a game many people very fondly remember playing, which was one of the reasons that NetEnt set forth to secure the rights to bring that game back to life and turn it into a slot machine.

Once the rights were secured they set their team the task of designing a slot machine that would spark memories of that video game with slot players of a certain age, but also a slot that appeals to a much younger demographic too.

I think the result of their hard work is very clear to see when you take your first look over the Street Fighter II: The World Warrior slot, for it you do remember the video game the onscreen character will immediately take you back in time and will all be very family with you too.

As for what you can expect to find on offer on that brand new Street Fighter II themed slot machine, well it’s a standard five reel, five row video slot, in which the battle is played out on the reels, as players have to select their own character to battle against an opponent.

There are also, as you would expect, a plethora of bonus feature rounds including the Car Smash Bonus Game and a potentially huge paying multi-tier Beat the Bosses Free Spins feature round too.

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