Two Huge Pai Gow Progressive Won in Las Vegas

raining money

It is casino card game that many players tend to shy away from playing, for Pai Gow poker can be and probably is best described as slow and very monotonous card game, on which the base game winning pay-outs are very small and modest in value.

There are however some variants available, on which you can place a plethora of side bets, and to be fair the only way that a player is going to have the chance of winning big when playing that card game is either by wagering some huge amounts of cash on a hand, and hope it wins, or by placing a side bet.

The way in which the side bets work on Pai Gow poker, is that once placed a player will be hoping a certain hand combination will be dealt out to them, the rarer the hand combination they bet on the bigger the potential pay-out will become.

Over in Las Vegas you are going to find some casinos will offer a progressive version of that game, and the main attraction for players is of course the progressive jackpot, for the value of that jackpot keeps on growing until won.

Two players have struck gold playing that version of the game over at the Paris casino recently, last month one lucky player won a life changing $2,330,133.44 Pai Gow poker jackpot, and last Wednesday another players achieved the almost impossible and won another progressive, this time valued at a much more modest $161,890.21.

The most recent winner of that jackpot is Michael Barrows of California and he stated however that his jackpot win was going to cost him much more than the winning pay-out, as he said his wife will now demand they use the winnings as down payment on a new house.

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