UK Casino Staff Launch Their Miles for Carers’ Smiles Campaign


Grosvenor Casinos’ staff members are a friendly and caring bunch and thanks to the company’s link up with the Carers Trust they are planning on raising plenty of cash for that charity with some unique events this year.

Take, for example, the staff at the Grosvenor Casino in Scarborough, they are going to be collectively performing a whopping 10,000 hours of exercise by swimming, running or even riding their bikes all with the aim of supporting that charity.

This new initiative is known as Miles for Carers’ Smiles, and it is hoped they, along with other Grosvenor Casinos’ staff, up and down the UK are going to collect as much cash a possible for that very worthy cause.

In fact, this is the fifth year that Grosvenor Casinos have been supporting the charity, and if everything goes to plan they are hoping to raise a small fortune for the Miles for Carers’ Smiles initiative, too. 

It is recognising the many challenges that those who care, often with very little or even no support, for anybody that is ill, disabled or has any type of mental health problems that the Carers Trust has been set up for. They offer support and additional services for those outstanding but often overlooked members of the public.

Anyone that does with to help or support the initiative is urged to visit the Give Penny website where they are able to sign up to help in any way they can.

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