UK Gambling Regulators Announce Digital Improvements To Speed Up Licence Applications


As of the 4th December 2018, the UK Gambling Commission has launched a new initiative related to private working licenses

Regulators aim to provide a more proficient operation with an application submission process, which will be more effective for everyone, and it will tie in with the designs of GOV.UK. New applicants can look forward to a much improved and faster service.

A feature of the new process is the implementation of new digital checking device known as the Disclosure Barring Service (DBS). This is just a part of the Commission’s new application procedure package which as we’ve just mentioned should speed processes. Also, status announcements are part of this new era and these will be sent out by texts and email. Applicants can follow the trail of their applications as they move through this procedure.

This type of move is all part of the UK Gambling Commission’s drive and promise to deliver an improved regularity service that is very much focused on automation and a more straightforward process. We can expect more automated processes to follow on from this with another innovation targeted to come into play by the end of 2019’s first quarter. This will be by means of a new digital managing and safeguarding device.

Regulators will also maintain their involvement with their contacts in casinos as they fully understand the value of building close links so that they can both share developments and discuss potential opportunities.

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