UK MP’s Propose New Maximum Online Casino Game Stakes

flag of great britain and a judge gavel

The recent changes to the maximum stake levels that UK based gamblers can play fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT’s) for, has led to the closure of hundreds of betting shops across Great Britain, with plenty of additional shop closures planned in the very near future.

However, a cross part group made up of Members of Parliament in the UK has just proposed that the same type of changes need to be made to the maximum stake limits that online gamblers can play casino games such as slot machines for.

That therefore means that if those proposals are acted upon, any player based in Great Britain will then be faced with not being able to wager more than £2 per spin, playing online or mobile slot machines, and possibly the same maximum stake levels will be imposed on any other online or mobile casino games including card and table games and video poker games too.

When news of the proposals became public, there was a mass sell-off of shares in UK facing gambling companies including 888 who lost almost 14% of its value. In fact, UK gambling companies saw their collective values dropping some £1.2billion on the news of the proposed new maximum stake limits.

Whilst the proposals still have to be acted upon and brought into law, and there are no guarantees that they will, there is a very good chance there will be some new limits imposed on both online and mobile casino game players regarding just how much they can stake when playing in either of those two playing environments.

But UK based gamblers would still be able to play for some much higher stake limits, by simply playing at a casino site that is based and has their gaming servers located in another country of the world.

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