Underage Gambling Increases in the UK

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A shock report released yesterday has revealed that over the last three years the number of underage gamblers in the UK has been on the increase, with many children now being recognised as having a gambling related problem.

That report suggests that there are now over 55,000 children in the UK that are now addicted to gambling, which is four times as many as there were back in 2015, and there are also another 140,000 children at very severe risk of developing gambling addiction problems in the UK.

What is a surprise to many industry experts about that report is that many of those children that are experiencing gambling related problems are accessing fruit machines and slot machines in pubs, bingo halls and even betting shops, which are all places they should not be accessing in the first place.

That does, of course, mean that there are some severe failings regarding children being able to access such venues, and that is something that the UK Gambling Commission is taking a closer look at and will be looking at ways that they can make it even harder for children to access such venues.

It has also been found that many underage gamblers in the UK are also playing slot and fruit machines and many other types of casino games for real money at online and mobile casino sites and apps, even though those sites and apps have very stringent rules and robust systems in place for rooting out underage gamblers.

It also appears that many underage gamblers spread across the UK tend to be boys rather than girls, however that has often been the case much more so when it comes to children playing fruit and slot machines.

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