US Casinos Liberalizing Their Photography Rules

pointing at cellphone

Some land-based casinos in the US have been quite paranoid about allowing their customers to use cell phones to film themselves playing the games on offer on their respective gaming floors over the last few years.

One of the main reasons for that paranoia, was due to the fact that a team of slot machine cheats had been using their cell phones to film footage of themselves playing slot machines, and sending that footage live to other team members, who were able to work out whether a slot machine was about to pay-out.

That was due to those cheats having worked out how to reverse engineer the random number generators attached to certain slot machines, and when that scam came to light, many casino executives instructed their security teams to look out for players filming themselves playing, and to stop them doing so.

Whilst that hack was estimated to have cost the gambling industry millions of dollars, the way random number generators work on those once at risk slot machines have now changed, or those slots have been retired, and as such the risk of a cheat working out when to play a slot to win a high valued winning pay-out is negligible nowadays, or that does appear to be the case.

Due to that fact many casino executives are finally now embracing modern technology and are realising that by allowing their customers to take pictures of themselves gambling at their table games, and film themselves playing slot machines, that footage often makes its way on to Social Media platforms, and is a form of free advertising.

As such, wander into most casinos in Las Vegas these days and start filming yourself gambling will no longer see you being harassed or chased out of those venues by security officers. In fact, many casinos now encourage their customers to take pictures of themselves and include the hashtags and usernames associated with that venue in their Social Media posts too.

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