US Sportsbooks Gearing up for the Super Bowl LIII

American football player

Thanks to the recent changes regarding the operating of sportsbooks located in America, with Nevada losing the monopoly on such venues, many casinos across the U.S. have opened up their own sports betting facilities in the last few months, and the one sporting event that each of those newly opened sportsbooks will be eagerly awaiting is, of course, the Super Bowl.

This year’s Super Bowl LIII is between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots, and whilst many gamblers are already placing their bets on the team they think are going to win, there will be, as there always is, a late deluge of bets and wagers on the day the match is played.

With a built in house edge or vig as it is known, all sportsbooks will make a profit on the match regarding the money lines they are offering, however it is going to be the volume of wagers they take that will ultimately determine just how profitable that NFL match is for each of them.

The early money lines that are available at plenty of sportsbooks including both online and mobile betting sites and apps sees the Los Angeles Rams being offered at 23/20 and the New England Patriots are on offer at 10/13.

It is true to say that the match could go either way, as both teams are well balanced regarding their respective form, and if the bets placed by fans of the sports are as well balanced as the match is expected to be, then half of them will be celebrating the result and will have placed a winning bet.

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