Well Aimed Slot Machine Punch Gets Rivers Casino Player Arrested


You will often spot angry gamblers when visiting any land-based casino, and they are players that will always bemoan their luck when things are not going their way to anyone who is close by.

However, there are some gamblers who can get extremely angry when they are losing and can often take out their anger on other players, casino employees or even the gaming machines or gaming tables in a casino too.

I for one have witnessed many players kicking, spitting at or even punching a slot machine when it has been spinning in losing spin after losing spin for angry losing gamblers, and that type of behaviour is never going to be deemed acceptable by a casinos security team.

Over at the Rivers Casino and Resort in Schenectady, one man identified as Thomas B. Waicul decided that as things hadn’t been going his way playing one of the slot machines in that huge casino the other day, he would teach it a lesson by giving it a punch.

Whether Waicul has any training as a boxer or not is unknown, but his well-aimed punch caused a whopping $1,500 worth of damage to that slot machine, which saw him then being arrested.

What made matters worse for Waicul is that the threshold for second-degree criminal mischief was reached by the damage caused to that slot machine and as such that is what he has been charged with.

His actions are a timely reminder for anyone about to visit a casino to always gamble responsibly and set their limits long before starting to gamble. In fact, players should always remember the adage, that being when the fun stops, stop when they are gambling.

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