Wheeling Island and Mardi Gras Casinos to Accept Sports Bets

Mardi Gras Casino Nitro New Sportsbook

The mad rush for land based casinos to get approval for their state regulators to allow them to launch their online sportsbooks continues, and it has just been announced that two West Virginia land based casinos will shortly be opening up a sportsbook at each venue.

It is thanks to a Supreme Court ruling early this year that has opened the flood gates to land based casino operators now being able to apply for licenses to operate sportsbooks in their respective venues, for the monopoly on Nevada based sportsbooks has finally some to an end.

However, as mentioned a casino operator does need to get the required permission and licenses to operate sportsbooks or allow third party companies to operate sportsbooks on their properties. It is this which is leading to a few short delays, as some state regulators are dragging their feet, so to speak, to give such venues the required permission to do so.

The two latest casinos that are going to shortly be offering all manner of sports betting opportunities in their respective venues this autumn are the Wheeling Island Casino in Wheeling and Mardi Gras Casino in Nitro.

What many casino operators have chosen to do however, due to their collective inexperience at offering sportsbooks in their venues, is to get a third party company to operate them on their behalf.

As such those two casinos have chosen to utilize the services of Miomni Gaming who will be offering their customers all manner of different sports betting opportunities once the sportsbooks have been built and opened.

It is highly likely though, that in the coming weeks and months there will be plenty of other casinos that will be announcing that they too are going to be opening sportsbooks on their properties sooner rather than later.

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