Will Brexit Affect UK Casino Players?

Great Britain withdrawal from European union brexit 3d illustration

The constant extensions to the UK’s leaving of the EU may be causing some people in Great Britain problems, if not frustration, but for those casino players that are based there, they too may be confused about whether Brexit is going to have any direct effects on them when gambling online.

Recent changes imposed by the UK Gambling Commission means that online and mobile casino sites and apps that are based in the EU and are licensed in any European country do have to apply for and be granted a secondary licence in the UK if they wish to promote their service to British citizens.

There are no shortages of UKGC licensed casinos that are run and operate by British companies and as such they should be the ones that all British players stick to playing at, for that way no matter what happens regarding Brexit, they are always going to have the added protection of the UK Gambling Commission should they ever experience any problems when playing.

When it comes to visiting and playing in a land based casino located in any European country, well there shouldn’t be any major changes regarding whether citizens of the UK will have access to those venues, however, many such venues do require all visitors to produce some form of identification before being allowed to enter.

The UK does also have special arrangements in places such as the U.S.A and one that does benefit all British citizens gambling in an American casino is that they are not going to have to pay taxes on any winnings they achieve when gambling in land based casinos located there.

Those arrangements are not likely to change any time soon, irrespective of whether Brexit does finally happen or not. Playing slot machines with the new 50p Brexit coin however is going to be delayed, for those that had been minted which celebrated and had printed on them the 31st of October as the leaving date will now be melted down and will not go into general circulation.

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