Will One Time FOBT Players Switch Over to Online Casinos?


UK fixed odds betting terminal players are shortly going to be faced with having some significant reductions imposed on them in regards to the maximum stakes they can place on games such as roulette. These type of betting machines are found in betting shops across Great Britain.

In an attempt to help reduce the number of people who are becoming addicted to playing them and to stop people spending way too much money on them, the UK Government have gone against the advice of the Gambling Commission, and have decided the maximum stakes they can be played for per bet is to become £2 instead of £100 maximum which punters can currently stake.

Bookmakers were fearful of such a reduction in the maximum stakes per spin becoming a reality which will now be happening in 2020 when the new laws will come into effect.

As such it is expected that there could be a large increase in the number of one time FOBT players who will stop playing these machines and will switch over to playing games such as roulette at an online casinos.

The obvious benefits of them doing so is that players will then be able to gamble as much as they like at online casino sites, without the government having a say as to how much they can gamble and when.

That does however mean that whilst the £100 maximum stake limit is reduced to £2 it will perhaps stop players becoming addicted to playing roulette and other games of chance in a betting shop via a FOBT, there could be an increase in people who become addicted to playing such games at online casinos.

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