Will the Encore Casino in Everett Retain its Gambling License?

Encore Casino Everett

There is a lot of discussion in industry circles as to whether the soon to open Encore Casino in Everett will retain its gambling license, due to the fall out and disclosures announced in regards to the founder of Wynn Resorts, Steve Wynn and his subsequent resignation from the company.

The casino as you may know has already been built, however as the operating company of that new venue did payouts millions of dollars to a women who had accused Wynn of sexual misconduct, and that payout was not disclosed to regulators, one must ask whether that company is deemed to be fit and suitable to hold a gambling license.

That does pose questions for the local gaming commission as to whether the license for the new Encore Casino in Everett should be revoked or even temporarily suspended.

In fact the gaming commissions chairman, Stephen Crosby, resigned yesterday as it has been reported that he had been guilty of bias into the investigation being performed on the operating company.

Steve Wynn himself has denied all allegations, he did though step down and resign as the CEO of Wynn Resorts recently, and as to whether the casino will retain or even lose its license to operate remains to be seen.

As it stands the casino development itself is on target to open around June of next year, and one thing is for sure the decision to allow it to retain its license or not needs to be made sooner rather than later for there are a lot of jobs depending on it.

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