Worries That Jamaica Will Fully Embrace Gambling Allayed

Jamaica flag

Many citizens of the Caribbean island nation of Jamaica, have been concerned that once the very first land based casino on the island is opened, which it is planned to do in just over a year’s time, then the floodgates would then be swung open so to speak, and Jamaica could become a gambling destination.

There is no doubt that when the casino does open, plenty of visitors to the island will be eager to visit at some point on their vacation, however the Jamaican Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett, has allayed residents fears that many other casinos will be allowed to operate on the island.

At a seminar held on Friday of last week Bartlett was quick to point out that whilst there are benefits to be had of allowing one land based casino to operate on the island, residents should not be under the impression many more casino operators would be granted licenses to operate there.

He did though, state that the economy was going to be boosted by the tax revenues raised from the casino, and it should also give a welcome boost to the island’s GDP.

Jamaica is of course a religious place with many residents attending local churches, and it did take some time for them to grant a permit and license for the first land based casino on the island, for there were no shortages of objections raised to such a venue opening.

However, as is always the case with any casino venue, it will be time that will tell if it is a success and whether that success does force the government to rethink their policy of not allowing other casinos to open there.

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