3 Injured in Pechanga Casino Resort Fire


The hotel tower at Pechanga Casino Resort was evacuated on Monday as fire broke out in one of the elevator lobby’s, leading to three people being taken to hospital, one suffering from burns with the other two suffering from smoke inhalation.

A huge emergency response swung into action as soon as the fire was reported to the Fire Department at around 11:30am yesterday morning, with fire crews wasting no time to get the blaze under control and ensuring everybody was out of the property.

Whilst the blaze was very quickly put out, the Fire Department made no apologies for their rapid evacuation of the hotel, which they did manage to do in record time it has to be noted.

The fire was not in or around the casino part of the property and as such guests on the gaming floor continued to gamble during the entire incident, however many of them did go outside to see what all the fuss was about.

From all reports the fire was believed to have started on the first floor, and it is believed, but hasn’t yet been confirmed that no people were stuck in the elevator at the time of the fire. In fact, when firefighters first arrived at the scene there were no immediate signs of a fire from the outside of the building.

All guests staying in the 517 rooms in the main hotel tower were evacuated to the safety of the main ballroom at the property and were given food and drink during the incident whilst fire fighters extinguished the blaze. At 5:00pm the all clear was given and guests were then able to return to their rooms and suites.

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