Abandoned Blackpool Casino Up for Sale

Sam Tai Casino For Sale

Whilst there are many attractions in Blackpool, UK, one thing that you are always going to be able to do whilst visiting that North West seaside town, is gamble.

There are currently three casinos in Blackpool, and they are the Genting that is positioned prominently on Queens Promenade, there is the G Casino, which is located on South Promenade, and there is a small casino, which is very popular within the Coral Island complex too.

There did actually used to be a fourth casino, that being the Sam Tai casino which was located over on Bloomfield Road, not far from the Blackpool FC football ground, however that casino closed its doors back in 2015.

It was the case that no matter what the casino owners tried to get gamblers to pay it a visit, it just couldn’t make money, and as such the casino closed down and has been abandoned ever since.

Well, we have just got word from contacts in Blackpool that the old Sam Tai Casino building is up for sale, and it has an asking price of some £800,000, however I doubt any buyer will want to reopen it as a casino, with a supermarket or some other type of retail outlet looking a much more likely use for the site.

In fact, something which only came to light recently about the old casino, is that one of its owners had his gaming license revoked, as he was found to have rigged a roulette game so one of his friends could win £500! That may come as quite a surprise, for why  would a fully licensed and approved casino owner put his future at risk for such a small sum of money?

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