Are Casino Promoters Misleading Players with Live Video Streams?

Side view of man in suit pointing at himself looking at shadow with long nose of a liar

There are currently many casino game players who record their game playing exploits and load them up to sites such as YouTube, and there are also plenty of players that live stream their gambling exploits, too.

However, it is always worth keeping in mind that such players are usually affiliates of the casino site they film themselves playing at, and as such they are making their videos and live stream available in the hope you will sign up to the casinos they are promoting.

That does, of course, mean that you are unlikely to find pre-filmed videos of them losing, for being marketers they are going to want to give the impression that it can be easy to win when playing real money casino games online.

Whilst there is no doubt that some of those video content makers are giving their viewers access to warts and all gaming sessions, that will show them losing and winning on different sessions, some will only showcase video content on which they win, and that could lure in some gamblers to try and replicate their success.

Therefore, if you do enjoy watching other people play, then just keep in mind that you are not going to win big each time you gamble in any playing environment, even if you see other players doing just that. You should always play responsibly and not for the huge stakes some video streamers tend to play for.

In fact, it is also true to say that the funds which such content makers are playing with have been given to them by the casinos they are playing at, and as such even if they lose, they are not going to take a financial hit themselves. 

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