Arizona Charlie’s Decatur Bingo Player Scoops Huge Jackpot


Both the Arizona Charlie’s casinos in Decatur and Boulder are popular venues for bingo players, for both boast a 24-hour bingo hall in which new sessions are played throughout the day and night, starting on each odd hour.

With free drinks and snacks also available to players, and with some low-cost bingo cards too, players do tend to flock to both venues to try their luck playing a range of different bingo games, some of which offer huge life changing jackpots.

One game which has always been popular at both bingo halls is the Charlie’s Double Progressive Bingo game, on which an ever rising progressive jackpot can be won, but only if players complete a coverall on one of their bingo cards before 32 to 35 numbers are called out of the bingo machine.

Well, as luck would have it the other day one player did manage to achieve what for some players seems the impossible, that being completing a coverall pattern on one of their bingo cards in exactly 35 bingo numbers.

That marked the arrival of the progressive jackpot for that bingo player, who walked off with a cool $55,461, and as such the jackpot has now been reset to its seed value and will slowly start to grow in value once again.

Locals do enjoy playing at both Arizona Charlies Casinos, for in between the bingo sessions they can grab a snack, meals or drink or even try their luck playing the huge range of slot and video poker machines both properties offer, and being mainly local casinos the pay-out percentages on those gaming machines are higher than average, and players are always being showered with all manner of comps too.

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