Arkansas Racing Commission Instigating New Casino Regulations

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The world of gambling is certainly changing in the U.S, and with an increase in the number of states that now permit sports betting along with an increase in the number of applications to develop and build new casinos, many gaming commissions are very quickly having to change and adapt their rules and regulations.

Take for example Arkansas, the local Racing Commission are the authority that is tasked with overseeing not only horse racing within the state but also any casino related licensing issues or applications.

Over the last month of so the commissioners have been very busy working on a new set of rules and regulations regarding to new regulatory procedures for land based casinos operating within the state boundaries.

This is due to a recent amendment to the current gambling laws in the state that was brought in after a positive vote by local residents, and as such new casinos are to be permitted to be built in places such as Pope County and Jefferson County.

Any new casino development proposal must though, have a positive letter of support from a quorum court, mayor or country judge.

New applications for casinos licensed in the state will be accepted in the next few weeks by the Commission, who will then set about having those applications fully reviewed some time in or around June.

As to whether Arkansas will become the next Las Vegas, well there is probably no chance of that ever happening. However, there is still a mixed feeling from local residents regarding the relaxation of gambling laws that will permit new casinos to open up in the state.

But those objections will probably be offset with the income generated from those casinos, a percentage of which will go into the state coffers, of course.

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