Arkansas Residents to Decide New Casino Opportunities

Arkansas Casino Issue 4

Things could be about to change over in Arkansas, in regards to the States rather archaic laws and regulations surrounding gambling, for residents are going to be given the final say via a vote to determine if casino styled gambling games, such as slot machines, poker and land based casinos will be permitted to operate within the state boundaries.

Arkansans has been one of only a tiny number of US States that have resisted the urge to have land based casinos, but if voters do determine the time is right, then several of them could be permitted to operate.

It is being suggested that if residents do vote on what is termed the Issue 4 amendments, then four gambling related facilities would be available to the general public, two of them which are currently in operation would be allow to expand and two brand new casinos would be built.

The first of those is the Southland Park Gaming and Racing Company that operates a greyhound track in West Memphis, who if the amendment is granted would be able to offer casino styled games.

The race track over in Hot Springs which is owned and operated by Oaklawn Racing and Gaming would also be able to offer casino styled game offerings to their customers and visitors.

Two places that could also see a brand new land based casinos being built if the vote does go the way of an amendment are Russellville and Pine Bluff.

There are of course both residents who feel the time is right for such venues to be permitted to operate, whilst there are some people who are of the mind that Arkansas should not be a place that offers casino styled gambling whatsoever, but there is no doubt if allowed to open, the state coffers will benefit by many millions of dollars each year in state taxes.

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