Atlantic City Casinos Matching Players Card Status

Comp Club Status Match

One aspect of earning yourself a high players card status that you are never going to want to do, is to start playing at another casino, for by doing so you will have to start playing at the lowest player card tier and then work your way up to a much higher one, if you want to receive the benefits of doing so.

That is one of the main reasons why the very savvy casino operators over in Atlantic City have started to offer new customers the opportunity of having their player card status matched, so if you do have a high status players card at one casino, you can wander into lots of other casinos and get your players card status matched, when signing up to that casinos players card.

There are plenty of casinos in Atlantic City that do now match player’s cards from other casinos, and that is something you may consider doing.

The benefits of doing so is that you are immediately going to be offered all of the additional incentives top tier players card players get access to, including, free comped rooms and suites, valuable slot play and even free buffet and show tickets.

Some casinos that do match player’s card status in Atlantic City include Caesars, MGM, Golden Nugget, Tropicana and the newly opened Ocean Resort Casino.

Just keep in mind that you are as always going to have to take some form of identification to sign up to any Atlantic City casinos players’ card and you are also going to have to take your current and valid players card from another casino with you too.

By doing so to you are never going to have to work your way up through the tiers of any player’s card club, and may actually find a new casino that you much prefer playing at too.

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