Avoid Casino Resort Scams When Booking Your Next Vacation


With there being some huge savings to be made by booking flights, hotels and additional extras separately and yourself when you are planning your next vacation, many people are doing just that and avoid booking a holiday with a traditional travel agency.

In fact, with the recent demise of Thomas Cook, who were at one time the largest travel agency in the UK, and with people being left stranded abroad on holiday and/or flights booked with them, you can see the attraction of booking any time away yourself without the added fees and charges travel agents are best famed for stinging their customers for.

However, there are some risks that all travellers do need to be concerned about, and one scam that has been doing the rounds for quite some time are scamsters offering to rent out their villas, which sadly do not exist.

There are also some scams which will see people booking hotel rooms and suites in hotels that do not exist, such as the luxury Manchester hotel in the UK that offers a huge casino, designer shops and even an Olympic sized swimming pool, but that Manchester UK  casino resort didn’t actually exist.

Therefore this is a timely reminder for anyone that is currently planning their next holiday to be aware of the very real risks of doing so, and there are plenty of ways you can do just that, such as checking whether the property that you are planning on staying at does actually exist.

There are plenty of hotel comparison and review websites that you can make use of, however it has been found many reviews on such sites are fake too.

Word of mouth and the personal experience of your friends and family members are probably the very best way to make the decision on where to stay when you are planning on getting away for a break, so ask around and find out where people you know have stayed before and have enjoyed staying at too.

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