Playing Keno Game Strategy

Keno Playing Strategies

I have included a range of strategy guides throughout this website that are going to give you an insight into some of the often overlooked casino games, and also will enlighten you on just which unique and novelty games are also going to become available to you as an online player and the very best ways to play them too.

One such game is the game of Keno, and in its most basic form it is simply a number predicting game. You will however find it to be a very fast paying game too, but one on which you could win some mega amounts of cash, if everything does go your way when playing any Keno games online!

There are quite a number of variants of Keno that have been made available to online and also mobile players, so there is a very good chance that when you do log into a mobile casino app or peruse through the list of games at any online casinos you will find one or more variants of Keno available to you.

But, much like every other casino games available you do need to be aware that the pay-out percentages on offer on such games can and do vary, not only from game to game but also at each casino too, and part and parcel of becoming a much better player is knowing which Keno games are the very best ones to play and also just which bets you should be placing when playing those games too!

How to Play Keno Online or on a Casino App

The way in which the majority of Keno game have been designed is such that there are a total of eighty Keno balls in play on each game, however not all of them are going to be drawn randomly out of the Keno machine on each game played off.

What you are tasked with having to do is to try and select from one up to fifteen numbers that you think are going to be drawn out of the Keno machine, and you do have a range of different stake levels you can wager on each and every single game you play off.

On the Keno machine itself will be displayed a Keno game card, and you simply tap if you are using a mobile casino app to play such games or click if you are using an online gambling platform, on the numbers you think are going to be draw out of the Keno machine on the next game.

As mentioned each game will allow you to pick out usually from one to fifteen numbers, and once you have chosen your numbers and a stake the game will then begin, and twenty numbers are then randomly fired out of the Keno machine.

The more numbers you are lucky enough to match with those you selected on the Keno card with those fired out of the Keno machine the more you stand to win, and by picking out the highest available amount of numbers and matching them all you will win big!

Keno Game Winning Pay-Outs

It is always going to be your decision as to just what stake levels you play Keno games for, and also just how many number you select to have on each Keno card too.

Keep in mind when for example you select ten numbers there will be a different set of winning pay-outs that are listed on the pay table of the game and card you are playing, and as such if you only match a smaller amount of the numbers drawn on your card with those that have been randomly select you will win a cash prize, but the more numbers you do match the higher the pay-out will become.

However, ultimately the pay-out percentage on each individual Keno game variant you play and the amount of numbers that you select to have on each card will different, so always try and make a point of finding out just which number grouping does have the best winning opportunities, and stick to playing that number grouping at all times.

Progressive Keno games are also available, and some of the much more recently launched games also have bonus games that can be triggered and awarded to you when playing.

In fact, some Keno games will award extra balls one the initial set of balls have been drawn out of the machine and could also award a multiplier value at certain times too which will be used to boost the value of any winning pay-outs you are lucky enough to achieve too!

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