Slot Playing Strategy

Slot Playing Strategies

This guide is going to be looking at some of the best slot playing strategies that you can adopt when playing slot games in any playing environment. As such, if you do enjoy playing any type of slot machines then please do read on, for below you are going to learn the very fine art of playing such games!

The first thing that every single slot player is going to have to fully understand is that each slot you will find available, no matter where you choose to play them, is going to be designed to return a certain RTP and will also be offering its own unique type of playing format and structure too.

The RTP of a slot machine is ultimately going to determine just how much you will get paid out to you over your long term play and the higher the RTP of any slot you do decide to play the greater chance you will have of winning.

However, the pay-out percentages can vary greatly and not only in regards to where you choose to play them but also the types of slots you get stuck into playing.

Look at the pay table, the help files or even on a casinos website, for by doing so you will often find the long term expected RTP of every single slot machine by doing so, and the savviest slot game players will never play a slot offering a pay-out percentage lower than 97%, so such slots are the ones you should be looking to play.

Slot Variance and Volatility is Important

Not only does each slot come with its own pre-set long term expected pay-out percentage, but it will also be designed to give players one of three different playing formats too.

Take for example a slot that offers what are known as low variance playing structures, those slots have been designed in such a way that plenty of low valued winning pay-outs will be awarded to players, and as such when playing such a slot they may not offer a huge jackpot, but when playing them you will certainly get lots of play time due to the frequency at which the winning pay-outs are spun in and awarded to you.

Medium variance slots on the other hand are slightly riskier slots to play than low variance ones. And will offer players a good mix of low to fairly high winning pay-outs, and could of course come with lots of different pay-out percentages too.

The high variance slots are some to eh riskiest slot games you are ever going to come across. What you do need to be aware when playing such slots is that they have been designed to every now and then award a mega sized winning pay-out to players.

However, the way in which they can award those truly massive winning pay-outs is by doing away with a lot of the lower valued ones. As such if you do want the chance of winning big you should be actively tracking down and playing the high variance slots, but always do make sure you keep the stakes to modest amounts, as you will get a lot of losing spins spinning in when playing them!

Aim to Trigger Plenty of Bonus Games

It can often be via some form of bonus game that you are going to get paid out some very high valued amounts of cash, however it can and often does take a lot of base game spins before you actually trigger such a bonus game!

There are however never any guarantees that you will trigger a high paying bonus game, for often they only pay out a modest amount of cash, and there will be times you never trigger a bonus games at all!

Most slot games will be designed in such a way that on average players will trigger a bonus game such as a set of free spins or a pick and win styled bonus feature round once every 150 spins or so.

As such one of the best strategies you can adopt when playing any slot machines that do have a bonus game on offer, is to play it for a stake level that will allow you to play off at the very least 150 base game spins.

So split up your available bankroll into unit stake amount that will allow you to play off that many spins, as you will then have a fair chance of triggering what may just turn out to be a high paying bonus game!

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