Casino Game Playing Strategies

Casino Game Playing Strategies

Knowing which games to play when logged into any online casino site is important, and you will need to ensure that you always know if there are any particular casino game playing strategies that are going to increase your chances of having a winning session too.

With that in mind I am going to be taking a look at some of the best casino games you can play online below, but also letting you know how to play those games with the best possible strategy in place too.

Let me start off with one type of casino card game that comes in lots of different individual game variants, and that game is video poker. The way video poker games have been designed is such that when playing them perfectly you can expect, over your long term play some very high expected payout percentages.

It is at the point in time however when you have been dealt out your very first five playing cards that the semi skill based element of that game comes to the fore, for you need to know which, if any, of those five playing cards to hold and lock into place and just which ones to discard too.

That could actually take your years to master fully, as there are such a massive number of possible hands you could be dealt out initially.

However, the best playing strategy for playing video poker games online is to use the auto hold option setting, as when you do so it takes all of the guesswork out of trying to work out just which cards to hold, and the game will automatically hold the best cards for you when the auto hold option setting is activated and switched on!

Best Way to Play Blackjack Game Variants Online

It is the way that you play off every single hand when playing Blackjack games that will see you either having a much increased chance of winning by you playing in such a way that the house edge is as low as possible, or conversely if you play off hands incorrectly the house edges will increase and your chances of winning will decrease!

Therefore, what you should get hold of, and this is very easy to do so by the way, is a blackjack strategy card for the variant you fancy playing, for that way once you have been dealt out your initial two card hand you simply look up on the blackjack strategy card how to play off that hand using the very best playing strategy.

However, be aware that every single Blackjack game variant you will come across online, does boast its own house edge, and it does go without saying that the best and in fact only variants of Blackjack you should be playing are those that have the very lowest of house edges!

I would steer clear however of using bonuses when playing Blackjack games, for I have yet to see any type of bonus that comes with favourable terms regarding the play through requirements you have to achieve when using bonuses credits before they and any winnings you achieve become real money credits.

So always play with your own money without bonuses, as you can play your own way then and cash out any winnings at any time of your own choosing too!

Slot Machine Playing Strategies

You are always going to be at the mercy of Lady Luck when playing slot machines online, for it is of course a random number generator that will ultimately determine if any spin you play off is going to result in a high valued winning pay-out coming your way.

However, even though each online slot machines outcome is randomly selected, by playing slots offering RTP’s of over 97% you will get plenty of additional winning pay-outs coming your way than you ever would playing a slot with a lower RTP!

By knowing which types of slot game related bonuses to play too, you an increase your winning chances when playing, so be on the lookout for bonuses with low play through requirements, no maximum cash out rules and those bonus that do allow you to play the slots which boasts the very highest long term pay-out percentages too.

If you like playing slots with progressive jackpots, then make a point of playing the slots offering progressive jackpots that are guaranteed to pay-out their progressive jackpots before they reach a certain value, but only ever play them when they are not far off their guaranteed pay-out amounts, as those slots will pay-out their jackpots sooner rather than later!

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