Progressive Game Strategies

Progressive Jackpot Strategies

Many different types of casino games are going to be giving you the chance of winning a progressive jackpot, and when playing such games you are either required to place an additional side bet to have a chance of winning such a jackpot, or a percentage of your stake will be feeding the progressive jackpot pool or pools.

I have put together the following guide so that you can try and put into place a strategy for playing the exact type of progressive jackpot awarding casino games you enjoy playing the most.

There are however so many different ways that casino games can and will award their jackpots you always need to ensure you are aware of how such a game will pay-out its jackpot, long before you ever start to play them.

Therefore, when you do log into any casino site or fire up a casino app, always have a look at the available progressive jackpot awarding games listed in the games menu, and select one that is going to be offering you a set of staking options that you can afford.

If for example you are forced to have to place a bonus or side bet to have a chance of winning a progressive jackpot when playing card or table games for example, then make sure you can afford to continually place that site bet or bonus bet, without it draining away your available bankroll too quickly, which is sadly something such games can and will do!

Picking the Best Progressive Games to Play

The size of the jackpots on offer on some casino games can be awe inspiring, in fact when playing at most online or mobile casinos, you are going to come across some games that could turn you into a multi-millionaire if you do win their respective jackpots.

However, a word of caution about playing those types of progressive games is that obviously they do not award their jackpots very often, and your overall chance of winnings such a progressive jackpot are so tiny, you are never likely to win one, ever!

Therefore what you should be looking to play are progressive games that are famed for awarding their respective jackpots very regularly, as that way you will get a much greater chance of winning a progressive jackpot, even if it is not a truly massive one!

In fact, some games will offer players the chance of winning one of several different progressive jackpots when playing them, and therefore they are the very best types of games you can play, for there is always going to be a chance you could win one of the smaller valued jackpots.

Randomly awarded jackpots are what most players look for when they are in a casino game playing frame of mind, for as the name of those jackpots suggest, they are randomly awarded to players playing certain casino game, but one does make them very appealing games to play is that you can play them for any stake amount, and still have the chance of winning big!

Monitor the Average Ht Frequencies

One of the best progressive game playing strategies you can adopt is becoming something of an education player, and actively making a point of finding out when on average each progressive jackpot awarding game tends to pay out its jackpot, and the average amount each jackpot is valued at.

For if you set about playing a progressive jackpot awarding slot game for example, which has a track record of paying out its jackpots for example when it is around the 50,000.00 mark, then if you do notice the current jackpot value on that game is over that amount, then that jackpot is overdue and the game is worth playing.

But always do keep in mind that at the end of the day a progressive jackpot can be won by any player at any time, and ultimately the way in which they are awarded is simply at random, and also never forget that some progressive jackpot awarding casino games do come with rather low pay-out percentages or higher than average house edges, due to the fact a proportion of your stake is being added to the jackpot pools.

As long as you never go chasing a progressive jackpot, you can have a lot of fun playing slot games. If you enjoy playing slot machines for example then look for slots offering jackpots which are guaranteed to be won before they reach a certain value, and only play them when they are not far off that value!

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