Ballistic Bingo RTP and Payout Odds Revealed

bingo balls

One of the most unusual bingo game variants found online is a game known as Ballistic Bingo, here players will see every single number called out of the bingo machine, and the aim is to get a full house in the lowest number of balls drawn out.

However, not all of the number groupings are going to award a prize. The house edge on this game is quite reasonable, working out at some 94.71% over the long term.

If a player manages to cross of all 15 numbers of their bingo card in the first 40 numbers drawn they win a payout of 5000 times their stake, that drops down to 750 coins if they call in 41 to 50 numbers, 75 coins if they call in 51 to 60 numbers and 15 coins if they call bingo in 61 to 70 numbers.

A payout of 7 times a players stake is awarded for calling bingo in 71 to 74 numbers, 5 times their stake when calling bingo on 75 or 76 number, 3 times their stake if a full house is achieved in 77 or 78 number and a one times their payout is awarded for a full house in 81 to 82 numbers.

The only other winning payout is half of a player’s money when a player calls bingo in 83 or 84 numbers.

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