Bank Robber Launders His Stolen Loot at the Desert Diamond Casino

Burglar running with a bag full of money

The chances of pulling off a flawless bank robber these days are slim, for all banks have lots of security systems in place to put off a budding armed robber, and there is always the chance someone pulling off a bank heist could be shot dead too.

One of those added security systems is a dye pack, which is a small device a bank teller could slip into a bag given to them by a robber to fill with cash from their banknote drawer.

That dye pack will then explode several minutes later, when the thief is making his or her getaway, and will render those banknotes useless, as no one is going to accept them if they are dyed pink, red, blue or black, a sure-fire indicator those banknotes are stolen.

However, it has been alleged that one Peoria based resident held up a branch of BMO Harries Bank, got away with some $4,500 in cash, and whilst making his getaway a pink dye pack then exploded covering the banknotes in bright pink dye.

What that man then did, was to visit the West Valley Desert Diamond Casino, and feed those banknotes into a slot machine, which the machine then accepted allowing him to launder his stolen and very easily identifiable banknotes for a TITO voucher, which he then cashed in for usable banknotes.

That man is alleged to be Richie Steven Hayes a 51-year-old, and it was on collection day in the casino when the machines are emptied of cash and the money reconciled with the slot machine audit figures that the banknote were detected.

The security team at the casino and local police reviewed footage of the CCTV cameras and were able to identify him, which led to his arrest and subsequent charge and court appearance.

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