Banned Player Has Jackpot Denied

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Winning a slot machine jackpot is something every player that wanders into a land-based casino is going to want to do, however imagine winning a $1,733 jackpot and then finding out that the casino has no intention of paying you out those winnings.

Well, that is exactly what a player over at the Ameristar Casino in Council Bluffs has just experienced, and it isn’t based on a slot machine malfunction, which is the usual reason why a casino will deny a player their winnings, it is due to a much serious reason.

Back in 2002 the winning player, who has been identified as one Tamara Bean was banned from the casino, after she was found to be carrying a controlled substance, and as per casino policy she was told she must never step foot in the casino again and had to sign an agreement not to do so.

However, she did continue to visit the casino regularly for several years, and upon winning that slot machine jackpot, the casino staff, as is their usual policy asked for identification, it was only when they did so that they realised she was banned.

The casino have said they are not going to pay her out her winnings, due to her being banned, and whilst Tamara did say she has played at the casino many times since her ban and also using a players card, the management team they say that was only possible due to her using her new married name as written on her driving license.

Tamara did ask the Iowa Racing and Gaming commission to force the casino to pay her out her winnings but they have ruled that they are not obliged to pay her out those winnings, as her ban is still in force.

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