Battle for Bridgeport Casino Continues


The powers that be over in Bridgeport are certainly battling hard to get a casino resort located in Bridgeport, even though their efforts to do so last year failed.

Whilst a Bridgeport Casino is what lawmakers are pushing for Tribal Leaders are just as eager to have permission to build and open in East Windsor and it would appear that eventually one of those two proposed sites may finally get a casino resort.

It was at the General Assembly last year that an initial proposal for a casino in Bridgeport failed, however state legislation has just been introduced that will hopefully see companies that are interested in building and operating a casino in Bridgeport to tendered bids to do just that.

At the same time those very same lawmakers are once again debating whether they should authorize the Mashantucket Pequots and Mohegans to progress with a joint plan to build a brand new casino resort over in East Windsor, which they hope will compete with the nearby MGM Springfield Casino.

It does appear that out of all areas a casino could be given permission to be built in and around the state, Bridgeport is best suited to such a venue, thanks to the proximity to the I-95 and Long Island Sound, as gamblers would be able to access the casino and there would also be a huge catchment area, too.

A wait and see approach is having to be adopted by the law makers and it will be a matter of time, one supposes, before such a venue is finally given the green light or not, however there is no doubt such a venue would be beneficial financially to the local area.

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