Slots Like Frutz

Frutz Hacksaw Gaming Slot Game

Sadly there are not that many slots like Frutz, but some that are and some that will always give you a fun filled slot playing experience include Aztec Twist along with Cubes 2, both of which you will also find available at any casino sites that operate using the Hacksaw Gaming range of slot machines and other casino games.

What does make Frutz one of the most playable slot games that you will come across online, is that there are 100x multipliers that can suddenly appear, and boy when they do they are going to not only help you bag some huge valued winning payouts when standing in for other reel symbols, but they can come into their own during the bonus game.

That bonus game is by the way a set of free spins and it is during that feature round those multipliers become progressive multipliers.

A couple of extra reasons why this is a slot worth playing is that it comes with a 10,000x your stake jackpot and an above average payout percentage of 96.40%.

Slot Games that are similar to Frutz:

  • Aztec Twist
  • Cubes 2
  • Chaos Crew
  • Let it Snow
  • Mystery Motel

Aztec Twist

Aztec Twist Hacksaw Gaming Slot Games

As slots like Frutz offer huge winning potential, but are higher variance slots, always make sure that you divide up your bankroll in such a way that when playing another similar slot, that being Aztec Twist, you have enough to sustain plenty of spins, for it may take some time to achieve those rarer higher paying spins.

Having said that though, it is a completely fair and random slot, so whenever you do set about playing it and for any stake level too you will always have a chance of triggering any number of respins via its base game or may end up being awarded with its free spins bonus feature.

When that bonus game does trigger, it is often where you will achieve some much bigger winning payouts, but keep in mind that there is a base game jackpot worth a cool 6.880x your stake, so you could win big without every triggering that bonus game or the respins feature.

As for one other important piece of information that will help you make up your own mind whether to play Aztec Twist or not, that being the RTP of the game, well that has been set high at some 96.36%, so even though it is a highly volatile slot, over the long term you will get more of your stake money back when playing it compared to some lower paying slots out there.  

Cubes 2

Cubes2 Hacksaw Gaming Slot Games

Longer slot playing sessions are what all savvy players will be eager to have when logged into an online casino or when playing via a mobile device using a casino app, and with that in mind one slot like Frutz that you should have a look at is the Cubes 2 slot.

The way that slot tends to payout much more than other slots and allows players to recycle their bankroll often multiple times is via its higher than average payout percentage which for reference is 96.33%.

No pay lines are spread over the grid of that slot by the way, you do need to have some idea of how to win when playing it, and that is simple enough to understand for all you need to see spinning in are five or more connecting reel symbols.

The jackpot up for grabs is a huge 10,500x your stake and when playing it you could see the actual grid the reel symbols drop in on growing in size thanks to the expanding grid feature, and when that happens the grid can grow as big as an 11×11 symbols one, and therefore when it does you have a much greater chance of forming those winning  reel symbols connections.

Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew Hacksaw Gaming Slot Games

Consider also giving the Chaos Crew slot some play time when you fancy trying your luck playing another slot like Frutz, for that slot is one on which you will also find a high payout percentage which for the record has been set very high at 96.30%.

Look out for the wild multipliers spinning in too whenever you send the reels of that slot spinning, for if they do help form any winning combinations, by standing in for the standard reel symbols the payouts on those winning combinations are boosted by up to 5x.

Not only that the slots boast a 10,000x you stake jackpot and a free spins bonus feature round as well.

Let It Snow

Let It Snow Hacksaw Gaming Slot Games Play

One wintery themed slot that is like Frutz is the Let it Snow slot game on which you will find plenty of Christmas related reel symbols, its one stand out feature however has to be its very high RTP which is 96.42% and that payout percentage along with the randomness of the slot game has been independently certified and verified too.

There is a free spins bonus game that could be awarded to you, and when playing off a base game spin or during that bonus game the spreading symbol feature could be triggered also.

That slot really is a fully rounded one for there is also an additional wheel spinning additional bonus game that is on offer and could be triggered.

Mystery Motel

Mystery Motel Hacksaw Gaming Slot Games Play

As you can play any of the alternative Frutz slots for free and not only in a real money playing environment how about doing just that at any casino sites offering the range of Hacksaw Gaming designed slots, and if you do decide to do just that then give the Mystery Motel slot a whirl at no risk.

By doing so you will soon discover for yourself why it is such a popular slot, including the fact that is boasts a huge jackpot worth 10,000x your stake, and also when you are lucky enough to trigger its free spins bonus feature round you could see that bonus round re-triggering up to 10 times. The RTP of that slot by the way is a high 96.30%.

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