Best and Worst NetEnt Keno Bets Revealed

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Individuals playing Keno at any site which has the standard game offered by NetEnt are faced with picking from two to ten numbers on each game played.

However, much like every other Keno game from all game designers, some of the bets and wagers you can place on that game come with slightly better long term expected payout percentages than other bets, and therefore players do need to know which number groupings give them the best paybacks over the long term.

The worst bet you can place on that game is the two spot bet, for that comes with an RTP of just 90.19%, making it a poor value bet for sure.

The next number groupings in order include the three and four sport bet on which RTP’s of 91.58% and 91.45% are offered respectively.

The five spot bet returns a payout percentage over the long term of some 92.02%, it is however, the six spot bet that offers the highest RTP, which for reference is 92.09% and as such that is the bet all players should be placing.

As for just how high, or in this case low, the payout percentages are on all of the other available betting opportunities on the NetEnt standard Keno game, they are 91.47% for the seven spot bet, 91.81% on the eight spot bet and the nine and ten spot bets come with RTP’s over the long term of 91.60% and 91.84% respectively.

Keep in mind though, that players will often have the opportunity of claiming bonuses to play Keno games at some casino sites that could help improve their overall winning chances and comps are also offered to real money players at most casinos that utilize the NetEnt range of games, too.

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