Best Online Blackjack Games

Best Blackjack Games

Blackjack is a game that you should learn to play for free and at no risk long before you ever decide to set forth and play for real money, as it is a game that could see you making lots of playing errors due to the way it has been designed, and those playing errors can be expensive ones to make!

With that in mind I am happy to let you know that each of the casino sites that are listed throughout this website are going to be giving you lots of different variants of Blackjack to play.

However, having said that as each game will have its own unique set of pay-outs, playing and betting decisions and also much more importantly its own unique house edge, which can vary depending on how you play, you do need to know which ones are the best ones to play.

It is the house edge that will always determine whether you are going to have a fair and reasonable chance of winning, or could bust out your bankroll very quickly!

Somewhere on each fully licensed and regulated casinos website you will find listed the house edges of each variant available at each site, and it goes without saying that the ones you should always be playing are those which do offer the lowest house edge possible.

Two variants that do stick out as having some of the lowest house edges when you play them perfectly include the Classic Blackjack game that being the single hand one available at Microgaming software powered casinos and also the Playtech designed Blackjack Switch game.

Understanding the Stakes and Pay-Outs of Blackjack Games

The way in which the best online Blackjack games have all been designed is as multi stake games, and that does of course mean that as a player you do have full control over whether you play them for high stakes or very low stakes.

You always need to play for a stake level that you can afford and also have in place some form of stop loss limit and also have a winning goal in mind too.

When you have chosen a Blackjack game variant to play that does offer the lowest house edge then you simply need to click onto the chip values that are usually located somewhere on the playing and betting control panel at the foot of the game screen, and select a chip value you wish to play for.

You then point and click into the betting box the number of those chips you wish to gamble on each hand and then click onto the deal button. It s at that point in time the random number generator will then select your playing cards and those of the dealers.

You then simply choose whether to hit, stand, split or double down your hand and then once you have made all of your betting and playing decisions the dealers cards will then be dealt out as per the game play rules, and if your hand is the winning one you are paid out accordingly.

Master Playing the Best Blackjack Games Online

As far as being able to play the best Blackjack games available online using the best playing strategy, you could of course read lots of books and watch videos that will walk you through the process of playing off each hand optimally using the best playing strategy.

However there is a much easier way that you can learn to play absolutely any Blackjack game variant perfectly, and that is by you getting hold of and then downloading something known as a Blackjack strategy card.

Those cards are available for free online, and what they will display is the correct playing and betting decisions that you must use when faced with any possible hand combination. As long as you follow the instruction on that Blackjack strategy card you are never going to be making any playing or betting decisions.

In fact, some online Blackjack games will have an auto play setting, and by setting the games to play off any number of hands and for the stakes that you wish to play for, you will then see the software automatically playing off each of the hands you have then been dealt out using the best strategy possible for the base game of Blackjack you have chosen to play.

Keep in mind too that as an online casino game player playing or real money a range of different bonuses will be on offer to you, but I must point out not all bonuses can be used on Blackjack games, so make sure they can be before you set about claiming any of them!

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