Ladbrokes Offer 200/1 on Real Hero Ant Middleton Being the Next James Bond


With a search for a new James Bond on the horizon, the list of possible replacements for Daniel Craig is a varied one. It includes names such as Idris Elba and Tom Hardy, who have long been considered future Bonds. However, there are others that aren’t quite so obvious and one of those is adventurer Ant Middleton.

Now before you start thinking to yourself, ‘Well he’s not exactly an actor, is he?’ this is a guy who fits the role perfectly. Come to think about it, we could almost ask ‘Could James Bond be the next Ant Middleton?’

A Man with No Fear

Bond is a character that has no fear apart from possibly a Martini that has been stirred rather than shaken. He’s popular with the ladies and has performed one death-defying stunt after another. Ant Middleton is the real thing though, so why shouldn’t he be the next Bond?

Middleton is a former soldier and has been a member of the Parachute Regiment and the Special Boat Service. Now we all know, Bond loves the occasional parachute jump, whether Ant’s parachute had a Union Jack on it isn’t known. Nor are we sure if his boat ended up on the beach disturbing holidaymakers.

Since leaving the armed forces, Middleton has had one success after another. He’s the fitness instructor on ‘SAS: Who Dares Wins’ and he’s not a man to argue with, that is for sure. Middleton also played the captain in ‘Mutiny’ as his media career goes from strength to strength.

Bond always seems to be a character that can do more than one thing at once. He may be trying to stop a crazed villain taking over the world, but at the same time can travel around the globe and have a few romances on the way.


Ant Middleton also packs an enormous amount into his schedule. Last year saw more TV appearances, writing a successful autobiography and climbing Mount Everest. After all that, playing Bond would be like a walk in the park.

He’s currently on his ‘Mind over Muscle’ UK tour but was probably surprised by a recent tweet he received. It told Ant that he was on the bookies list to be the next Bond. Middleton didn’t dismiss the tweet and replied: “Don’t place that bet just now.” Just now?  Could something be in the pipeline further on down the road?

Long Shot

Stuntmen may not be too keen on Middleton becoming the next James Bond. He’d hardly be likely to shy away from performing his own stunts, would he? Jump off a cliff? He probably does that before having his breakfast. Middleton is currently 200/1 at Ladbrokes to take over from Daniel Craig who is expected to quit after the next movie.

Those odds see Middleton level with Helen Mirren whose appointment would certainly raise a few eyebrows. In fact, it’s only 12/1 at Ladbrokes that a female becomes the next James Bond, just how that works if it was to ever come about is yet to be explained.

At least Ladbrokes believe Ant Middleton has more chance of becoming the next 007 than another bearded gentleman. Jeremy Corbyn is 500/1 to land the role, mind you, he may be on the look for another job the way British politics is going these days.

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