Slot Machine Players Still Confused by RTP’s

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There are not many things that players have to learn how to do to and get their heads around to be able to play slot machines, other than select a slot to play, insert their banknotes and then select a stake to play for.

Once all three of the above steps have been performed the last thing that remains to be done is for a slot player to hit the spin button, or pull the handle at the side of the machine and hope the reels spin in such a way that a winning combination lines up on one of the activated pay lines.

There are, of course, some slot machines, in fact the majority of them, that offer bonus features and bonus games, but they are never going to be too taxing on the brain and most players can soon master playing them.

But there is still one aspect of playing slot machines that many players do find hard to get their heads around and that is the payout percentages or as they are often referred to, the RTP’s (return to player) paybacks.

When players come across the RTP of a slot machine it will be presented to them and displayed on the slot machine as a percentage, which could, for example, be 96%.

What that means is that over the long term, players are going to receive back in winning payouts 96% of the combined stakes that have been played through that slot.

However, being random games of chance players never know if they are going to win or lose when playing them, and on any one single slot playing session their RTP could be much lower than 96% or much higher, if they have had a winning slot playing session.

Over the long term a slot machine will always arrive at its expected payout percentage, but players will never know when that time is, and it is the journey a slot machine will take a player on to get to its long term expected RTP that makes playing slots so much fun.

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