Mini Casino Could be Coming to Shippensburg

Mini Casino Shippensburg

There is the very real chance that a brand new mini casino could be opening soon, and as soon as 2020 in western Cumberland County near Shippensburg, for with papers having just been delivered and filed with the Gaming Control Board by the company that owns Parx Casino in Bucks County, it may not be long before permission is granted for them to build and open such a venue.

It would, however, appear that a mini casino is all that will be required in that part of the US for there isn’t much by way of a heavily populated area nearby, but it could be a venue that could actually do quite well due to the proximity to the general road network.

It is thanks in no small part to the unprecedented gambling expansion program that was passed back in 2017 in South Central Pennsylvania that has made this mini casino proposal look likely to be one that gets approval, and with jobs on offer and some financial benefits of course to the surrounding area I for one cannot see any reasons why it wouldn’t be given the green light.

The proposed mini casino will of course need to be given approval by the Pennsylvania Gambling Control Board, who will as always listen to any concerns raised by local residents.

However, as long as the proposed casino does have a sound business plan and is one that is likely to be financially viable and profitable for the foreseeable future it is doubtful it will be very long before the casino is built and its doors swing open.

In fact, it is also a possibility that there will be a large increase in other gambling companies putting in for approval for other mini casinos in the state boundaries too.

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