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jolly treasures slot

Jolly Treasure slot is a 2020 release from developer Evoplay. It takes on a very basic format with just 3 reels and 3 rows, adding what it calls, a swashbuckling twist, in a little side game that’s played where you seek out the hidden treasures and collect win multipliers, free spins and wild symbols. In reality it’s a very basic slot and unlikely to hold you attention for long, but let’s take a proper look at what it has to offer. You can also check out our video to see how the free spins bonus plays.

Jolly Treasure Slot Review (Evoplay)
  • Base Game
  • Bonuses
  • Symbols and Graphics
  • Value for Money


Jolly Treasure slot offers very basic gameplay with a bland sidegame and free spins bonus that just about manages to engage you for long enough to keep your attention for a few spins. If you like basic gameplay and enjoy the pirate style theme then this may well tickle your fancy. If not then there many other slots worth a look along a similar theme such as Jolly Roger 2


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Release Date:

October 2020

How it Pays and Plays

3 reels and 3 rows combine to make just 5 paylines. You can be from 10 cents through to $100 per spin, so it’s got all types of players covered here. 

The RTP is set at 96.2%, the promo material says it has a low high volatility, so I’m guessing that means it’s high but not extreme.

The max win in the base game is 82x whilst in the free spins bonus round you can bag a win of 3,385x as the top prize. This was the outcome observed over 500 million simulated spins. 

The hit frequency is 20% and the free spins trigger on average once in 111 spins. 

The odds of hitting a big win are 1 in 106, a huge win is 1 in 768, a mega win is 1 in 2051 and an epic win is 1 in 37,879.

Symbols, Sound and Graphics

Jolly Treasure slot has a slow pirate/adventure theme type music playing away which kicks up a notch once you hit the free spins round. It adds a nice bit of atmosphere to the game and a feeling of adventure. 

The slot is set on a very basic background of some wooden panelling on a what i suppose is a pirate ship, there’s also the ships wheel half in view and moving to the right of the reels. You can see some ropes hanging down as though supporting the slot reels which are framed in wood and have a skull with glowing yellow eyes which spew flames out when you get a winning combo. 

To the left of the reels is the mini game which is a treasure map with a blue hat character piece which travels around the board. The paytable also hangs above the board game. 

Symbols all pay out for 3 of a kind and include, single, double and triple BAR signs which pay 1x, 1.2x and 1.5x respectively. Then we move up to the crossed swords for 5x, a bottle of rum for 7x, a gold coin with a skull on it for 10x, a compass for 15x and the top payer is a treasure chest for 80x if you land 3 in a row. The treasure chest symbol also acts as the Wild and can be substituted for any other symbol. There are no Scatter symbols, the free spins are triggered as detailed below.

The graphics won’t exactly set your world on fire and they are pretty basic, a bit bleak even and didn’t do much in compelling me to stay on playing the game for long after I’d got a few bonus rounds in and figured out how it played in order to do this review.

Free Spins Bonus

With every win you get you will get a thrown of the dice which can land from 1 to 6. You’ll move in accordance with the number landed on around the board and along the way you pick up free spins, a multiplier and a Wild reel. You can get anything from 10, 15 or 20 free spins with a 2x, 3x or 5 x multiplier and any of the reels can be deemed as Wild, although that only means that one Wild symbol is guaranteed to land on that reel, not that the whole reel turns wild. 

Treasure Chest 200x Multiplier Bonus

There is a treasure chest you can unlock during the free spins round to get a 200x of your bet. This works by each win you get during the free spins you are given 1 throw of the dice. There are 3 locks on the treasure chest each with a number between 1 and 6 on them and if you roll that number then you will unlock the lock with that number on it. 

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